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best six months of my life!

2010-11-27 17:24:34 by goblin0019

i figured it was only appropriate to name this entry similarly to the last one but with a time update. I can't believe that its been four months since I have written on here...guess the time just flies by when you're happy. chris and I are doing really well....every once in a while there is a tiff but we move past them pretty easily...and isn't that the important part of a relationship?

My boyfriend chris and i have been going out for over two months and we are sooo happy! right now he is out in the garage making wooden boxes to sell at the local smoke shop...i am so proud of him! just wanted everyone on here to know (not that any of you care necessarily) that i am happy and well.


my apologies.

2010-01-09 01:25:57 by goblin0019

I have not been on here in a while, but i would like to say sorry for all of the scathing reviews i left this summer. i was in a really bad place and it wasn't right to take it out, in part, on ng contributors. that is all.

my apologies.

just to let you know, people in your life will never do anything for you unless there is something in it for them. that's just how the world works. so, if you're, say, working on a halloween costume for a friend who recently came back into your life don't expect them to ever want to talk to you after you're done with their costume...because they're done with you. people are pieces of shit, and nothing more.

on a happier note my trip to west virginia went well. pictures are up on my facebook people...and the halloween party went well too...after i soaked myself in rum that is. rum is good. and yes, its always gone.

Ha, this was me, oh, about 3 and a half years ago. I really don't remember what was happening in this picture, or why i'm so pale, but i found it recently and i think its awesome. There i go with the eyeliner and lipstick again.

In any case, i haven't been posting enough, but i've been very busy...playedr a bunch of games, but nothing really seems to be all that note worthy lately. Its just that it all seems the same, but then again I'm just in a rut so why should i complain? It'll fix itself eventually...things always do. I went to the pool today and then hung out with the sister, that's about all that happened. hung out with her just so i could get out of my own house, which i am in far too much. got back and started messing around in the internet, which is never good for me. it seems like i'm crankier than when, say, i'm detail cleaning my house, which is getting done almost every day now. I've been depressed and that's what i do.

and go to District 9 the movie! and read about the movie district nine that's coming out and all the propoganda surrounding it. even if you only scan everything, it won't be the worst ten minutes you've ever spent in the web. :)


another pic of me and go to d-9.com!

how quick

2009-06-30 00:51:03 by goblin0019

its amazing how quick i got drunk off of this bottle of coconut rum even though its only 40 proof. guess i'm becoming a lighweight or something. though, after all, i am not all that bad off.

do you ever get the feeling that all of this is completely pointless. about as pointless as this picture. or is that the rum talking? I was also drunk in this picture, as it was my 21st birthday last year. how could i not be? but still, pointless all the same as i had to take it myself.

how quick

No Energy Anymore

2009-06-28 00:41:20 by goblin0019

I am very tired today. It's been a minute since i posted on here last, not for lack of love for newgrounds or anything, just been busy. things have calmed down though.

Went on a blind date...what a disaster. The date itself wasn't bad, but he's shy and wouldn't pick up the phone to tell me that the date we had planned today wasn't going to happen. What a no no. That's the fastest way to piss me off...blowing off plans that had been made for whatever reason and not bothering to inform the other person. That's how it was with Chris right in the end...just didn't want to come and see me for whatever reason...not like what he told me was the truth anyway. That's my love life, or lack thereof.

I have played so many computer games on this sight and others...mainly time management games which i am way into. I just can't seem to stop playing them, one in particular was Airport Mania...for some reason playing that game is just mesmerizing. click click drool kind of mesmerizing.

My brother is in Wewoka for a week to visit his grandmother. His summer school is finally over so his summertime can begin for real now. It's blazing hot here during the day (I hate the 100 degree weather here)...its only nice after dark. But even then its still humid and listless and when you ahve to go anywhere, even sitting in a car, you end up sweating from the tiny bit of excertion you have to do. if my family did not live in oklahoma i never would have come back here. its a sweltering tornado filled hell hole...but they knew that when the moved here. what mooks.

alright, the tired-rant is over now. you can go about your business if you even made it this far.;


2009-06-20 16:56:56 by goblin0019

Nuff said. been drawing like crazy lately...i guess i've had newgrounds to spur me on. i need to post some of the better stuff...will get to that soon! all that's there right now are doodles.

imagine that!

2009-06-18 20:41:41 by goblin0019

wow, was it two or three days ago that i complained because there wasn't a place for art...and now there is one! imagine that...

lol haven't been on here enough lately...

2009-06-14 23:52:25 by goblin0019

you know what i wonder about this website? If its everything by everone then why can't i upload my artwork on here, as that is my creative outlet? i could upload some of the music i make, but that's more for me than anyone else...so that leaves me kind of out int he cold.

other than that nothing has really been happening. haven't really been playing on games on here....but the ones i have played were good. shame i can't remember what they were. the last one i played was exmortis 2...which was a replay so i could go into the upstairs main bedroom and read the journal again, because i think it was really well done and creates a lot of suspense in the game, and without it it wouldn't be half the game it turned out to be. people ask me sometimes why writing is important when there are so many other things you could be doing...and i think that that is a perfect example. its to draw things out, especially in a dramatic sense, to make them more realistic and to make the reader feel something. as soon as a master that, i shall be famous. look for me out there guys!!


EDIT: people fucking suck. yes that means you. all of you fuck heads.

games played today.

- Mario Combat Deluxe - seriously, what is it with all of the mario games that appear online? don't they realize they're beating the subject to death while at the same time making games that suck? obviously not... *mumbles and trails off*
- Zodiac Reactor - Actually a fairly interesting game that i may or may not go back too. the advanced setting on this game is insane and makes me doubt my skills too much. fun though.
- Super Mario 63 - see above. I wrote a review that doesn't exactly have my true feelings in it...but it sucked ass. I can't say that in a review so i'll say it here...and again...it sucked ass.
- Stackle - I really didn't like this game. You should play it, and come to this realization as well.
- Armorpicross 2 - OMG! I got addicted to the first one, and didn't realize that a second one was out in the world somewhere! I am sitting at my computer, far too late into the night once again because of this cursed game...i wouldn't change it for anything though. the main excitement about the new and improved version is that you can cross of rows of numbers when you are done with them, taking most of the guesswork out of it so they could make harder puzzles to fry my brain out some more. which might just be why i have such a short fuse tonight, see reply to comment below. it was much worse, but i deleted and tried to be nice when i started over. see how much that worked? lol...whatevs. people can be stupid if they want, but i digress. Play this game. play the first one, play this one. play them multiple times. over and over again. until your eyes run out of your useless head. it will be worth it.

Oh, and the other day i played a game called Little Wheel (should still be on the front page) that was awesome. It has some great artwork and isn't too difficult. didn't really need the walkthrough. Its a point and click, so if you don't like those don't bother, i usually don't either but this one is an exception. wouldn't play it twice, but the style and artwork and music and just overall feel of the game definitely make it woth giving a shot.

Edit over. return to normal life. this message will not self destruct, because this is not inspector gadget you fools. wow...sleeplessness makes me very silly...i don't suppose it shows :)